I am looking at either dual Quadro K4000's or a single Quadro K5000.  Which of these setups would be better?  I like the idea of having two cards in case one fries, but was wondering how Rhino handles dual cards.



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Hi Matt,

I haven't used either of these cards but I have used a GTX 690 which was a dual card and that worked without issue on Windows 7 x64. I'll see if anyone else has one of these in house too. 

Edit: It sounds like the best bet is to use a single GPU with as much video memory as possible for Rhino 5. The dual chip boards will combine memory resources but you will not get double the performance by any means. My experience with the 690 was then probably similar to what would be seen with a GTX 680. 

Ok great, thank you for the input.



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