I used to know this, but cannot find it again in the Macro / Command Reference... or at least can't get it working with Copy included.


Copy something from Point A to Point B and then Scale it by .985 (Preferably around Pick point B without deselect)

This Cancels before Pick point B (That's wrong behavior, isn't it? There's TWO pause's after all.  ! is greedy.)

Copy _pause _pause ! 

Scale _pause .5

This sticks in Copy Loop, can't reach Scale

Copy _pause _pause

Scale _pause .5

This \ makes it ignore all spaces (Enters). Not helpful here. Not making a calculator.

scale _pause _pause .5


copy _pause _pause \

This doesn't do the @#$% I was hoping (Turn back OFF repeat command.)

*copy   _pause _pause

ARGHhhhhh !!  I know I've done this before.   Was there a secondary way of running copy? Do I need to Nest something? Scale isn't "geometry creation", is it? 

Help's no help !


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Does this do what you wanted?

_Copy _pause _pause _pause _enter _SelLast _Scale _pause _pause 0.5

Yay !

I thought _pause _pause was already ridiculous.  Guess I need to throw away assumptions!

copy _pause _pause _pause _enter SelLast Scale _pause _pause .5 _enter

Does the trick.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, the way the Copy command is programmed, having this work reliably is a pain.  If you want to do something with the copied object afterwards (like scale) you need to have at least 3 pauses after the copy command.  If all you want to do is copy one object, then you can make it work with an _Enter after the pauses like the macro posted by Andrew below. 

Unfortunately, if you want to copy the object multiple times (and scale the results afterwards), all bets are off - you need the 3 pauses plus as many more pauses as the number of times you want to copy the object.  Having too many is not a problem, you can put a hundred in there, the extras will be ignored...  But it's still a pretty kludgy approach.  At this point, a script is a better way to go.


Thank you so much for the clarifications.

All the more reason to learn Scripting / Grasshopper.

Goes to show my logic ain't computer logic.   Must have enough (_pause) but 1000 too many not a problem?  Silly.




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