Hoping someone can help me with this.  I am using the latest version of 5 and nothing is visible in my layers window.  I know I have multiple layers in the file but nothing shows up here.  Any suggestions?

Properties and Display tab work fine.

Also.  This is only in 64 bit.  32 displays fine.

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I have the same problem. If you resize the layer window your layers will reappear.

- Wieland

I tried re-sizing, moving to my second monitor and docking.  Still blank.

hmm... it worked for me...

Try changing the filter, then change it back. That should refresh the list.


See the screenshot


I have tried every filter and every other button on the layer list toolbar with no luck.

Do you have any layers showing up on the status bar?


Hi Dan(s)- right click in the column header and check the columns you want to show- somehow, and it would be good to know how, all of these got turned off. Did this work and then suddenly show up like this out of the blue, or is this a new installation, or?






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