Obj import problem (Map OBJ Y to Rhino Z not working)


I'm using Rhino Version 5 SR3 (5.3.30426.17065, 26. 4. 2013).

Obj import plugin seemingly ignores import setting "Map OBJ Y to Rhino Z". The results of import are the same for when setting it to true and false. On the other hand, Export to OBJ works as expected, Map Rhino Z to OBJ Y works just fine...

Unfortunately I need this as I'm working with obj files out of Rhino and other program has those axes reversed...

Should I report it somewhere? Is there an easy workaround? Or (being a programmer) can I fix and recompile the plugin?



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Hi Boris- thanks, I'll take a look. To work around, once you import, and things are still selected, use this macro

_Rotate3d W0,0,0 W1,0,0 -90

Testing here though, the option does seem to work as advertised.



Thanks Pascal!

This will do for me at the moment.

Anyway to give you more details: I'm importing curves (bsplines), that were previously exported from rhino (with correct application of mapping Z to Y). We have a pipeline that consists of work in rhino, then additional edit work in external editor and final touches in rhino again, thus I need to export and than import the .obj back. Please see the attached file for an example.

Best regards,



Hi Boris- I see the problem with curves- thanks for pointing this out.





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