Depending on the type of work I'm doing, I like to switch between having the OpenGl Antialiasing settings on either "None" or "8x". I'm currently doing this manually each time by going "Display Options -> OpenGl -> Appearence Settings -> Antialiasing". 

How would I go about automating this with an on/off toggle keyboard key?



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Hi Anders - it looks like this setting is not accessible via a macro- I'll poke around some more but that seems to be the case- whether it is an oversight or a technical limitation, I'm not sure.



Thanks Pascal,

No wonder I couldn't find it. It would be a quite useful feature to me (and probably the Grasshopper community at the large), as I tend to do a lot of really fast and "nice" looking presentation material straight from the viewport. But when I'm drawing or constructing geometry I prefer the faster and cleaner feel you get with no antialiasing.





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