Is there a way to open/insert multiple files into single project?

Atm , with insert, you get this annoying window that asks you about scale , point of insert and so on. WHen you're trying to throw lets say 20 parts into the project  it gets rather frustrating ;) .

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Have you looked at the details of the "Worksession" tool?

I think that may be the right tool for assembling multiple files into a single project.

Oh, that looks cool - I think it is just about time I learn howto use worksessions and block instances :D .

Tried it and it works on .3dm files. But when I try to attach .stl files I got "unable to read reference file" error


Thanks for the heads-up. The STL problem is on the pile.

I tested DWG, IGS, and STP too. They all worked like they were supposed to.

We'll get STL fixed.

It looks like the STL Worksession fix is going to be difficult and my not happen quickly. I checked the other mesh formats and they seem OK. As a work-around, you can use another mesh format like OBJ, VRML, etc, and they work. Rhino can do the conversion quite easily.

I just heard from the developer that the fix was pretty simple and has been checked in. I'll test it when it works it way back to me. Assuming it's good, the fix will be included in SR3.

great news John! Can't wait for the fix :-)  .



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