Hi everyone,

im making a first attempt to try to use the open nurbs library in Xcode, but im having no luck so far. Basically I've linked the most recent library build to a very basic project ( just the app delegate and a NSView file.) from there all ive done is add 

#import "opennurbs_circle.h"  

into the header for the nsview.... thats it. I just want to see if at this extermally minimal level if I can get the app to compile... it won't. in this speicific instance im getting errors in the opennurbs_circle header. its saying things like

replace "class" with "Class" on the line with 

class ON_CLASS;ON_Circle

and so on... 

any ideas as to what im missing here. Apologies in advance is this is a very elementary question. this is my first try at this



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