I had several issues with objects disappearing on Rhino 5 while using the tools "move" or "copy". Is there a way to turn off that option so that the original object stays completely visible when using the tool?

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If I understand your question correctly, Rhino uses an inverted color to show the original location of the objects you Moving or Copying. This normally works fine unless the objects are sitting on a medium gray background, then they disappear. This can happen in a mesh based Shaded or Rendered display, or if the user has changed the background color to a medium gray. There is no control to change this feedback color. The work-around is to use a different background color, or rotate the view so the surface is either darker or lighter.

Thank you very much for your reply. That's right. I use the technical and rendered shadow displays very often  especially in front of clients, but that's when they ask me to move a lot of stuff in Rhino. It would be very helpful if this mode could be turned off and on as part of the options.

Technical should be fine unless you have changed your background color. If so change it again to make it lighter or darker to make for more contrast.

A similar approach is needed for a rendered display, that is make the surface lighter or darker to make more contrast.



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