Is there any chance we can have a Centroid option for Osnap?



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That doesn't get asked for very often. It's pretty easy to use the appropriate mass property command to place a point at the centroid, then use the Point Osnap to to grab it. I would probably Group the point to the object to keep it in place.

Is this technique too tedious for you?

Hi John,

That technique would work fine for me, but the wish was originally asked by one of my students. We were practicing using center Osnaps for spheres and she wondered why that Osnap didn't pick up the center [centroid] of the cube.

Whenever newbies alert me to things like that, I'm mindful to listen as they usually point out a wrinkle in the logic of the interface. The Center Osnap actually works for all 2D polygons, not just circles and arcs so when it comes to 3D, why should it only work on spheres and curved edges and not other closed polysurfaces?


My best guesses as to why we don't have the tools now are:

not enough people have asked for it

it's relatively easy to work around

software is never finished

It's probably all of the above.

...which i guess is why this wishlist forum exists.

I understand the need to focus energy onto areas that are highly requested. But shouldn't there also be an over-arching philosophy of continually improving the software as a whole? Sort of like a programming 'Kaizen'?



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