I am using Rhino 5.0, with all the latest update.  In Rhino 4.0, I could use extruded circles, for examples, to cut out a wheel from a PictureFrame image of a car, and then slide that piece out of the PictureFrame.  Now, In Rhino 5.0, when I do this, the whole image is inserted into the cut out part.  I have not been able to do this simple task and I am sure it is something  glaringly obvious. I Extrude the "Circle", in this case, and use the extrusion, making sure it is  passing through the PictureFrame and it Splits, but then the cut out  piece has the whole image, not the wheel.   to split out the part I need.  The results are  obvious in the  "Before and After" pictures I  have attached. Does anyone  have  any answers? I make three dimensional paper models and this was one of the most helpful features as it allowed the tracing and making of some very accurate parts. Thanks in advance. :)

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Yep, this is a known and very annoying bug in V5.  Don't know when it's going to be fixed... Probably need to stick to doing this in V4 until it is.


Are you kidding me?  This is beyond a bug.  This is a  major feature loss.  I would not have purchased 5.0 if I had known this was not working.  This is extremely disappointing and  makes me wonder if the "powers that be" are in touch.  I design 3 dimensional paper models.  Being  able to cut into the PictureFrame and use the texture/colors, takes out a Photoshop step.

I hope that this is addressed, and soon.  This has made this software virtually useless to me now.  I believe it may be a downgrade in fact.

Thank You very much for your quick response.  Love the product but I don't know how McNeel could release this as "ready for prime time" with such a loss of functionality.  I am flabbergasted.  This is the first time since using 2.0 that it wasn't me, it was Rhino.  That's actually usually a really good  percentage, but since this was such an important step, I feel extremely let down.

I attached a picture of one of my paper models I am almost finished with.  Without the  picture frame option, this would  have  been a little more difficult. This model unrolls without any errors.

I reported this bug on March 6th, Pascal said they are on it.

Yep, I know... we are working on fixing this- thanks.



I have to admit that was a quick response.  I just spent the  last hour redoing everything in 4.0.  Is there any kind of timetable on this?  Even an unofficial guesstimation? Thanks.

What's the issue? I guess picture frames are getting shrunk after trimming, but is it just a side effect of the sticky shrink option in Split or something specific about picture frames objects?

Is it just that?
I still get the CP of the original surface, not the shrunk one, so it might not be it.

Please look at the  original post I made and the attached  pictures  (named "Before" and "After") as they are self explanatory and show  much better than what I could put in words.  I am hoping that it is me, but I have tried everything and this is bread and  butter in Rhino 4.  It should be the same  operation in 5.0.  I am just  splitting a  PictureFrame with a circle.  I  should  just  have what is in the circle of the piece I trimmed, not the  whole distorted  PictureFrame, stuffed into the circle.  I can trim the actual PictureFrame, but the surface is useless (i.e., the wheel picture,) is useless.  Refer to the attached  pictures in the first  post and you will see. Thanks.

Yeap we are all talking about he same thing.
Until they fix it I am handicapped as well. 

I love Rhino.  Been using it since 2.0.  I was a mold  maker and a  machinist, I also programmed 4 axis CNC  machines. I wish this was out back when I did that.  This step knocks out the  need for Photoshop.  I rarely use it Photoshop, so now I am back to Rhino 4.0.  Being able to cut up Blueprints inserted at PictureFrame  objects really makes for easy development of a model.  It also makes for great Renders.

Wow, that is great work John !
Dont worry, I m sure they will take care of us soon ;)

Geez, seeing the work people do here makes me embarrassed to post anything.  These are two other models I have finished, virtually.  I have made one of  each, but just to see if they could be built.  They were.  I didn't take my time and I let my son play with them. Thank You for the compliment.

I'm sure they will figure it out.  I don't know that kind of code to even pretend to know what they problem is, so I have nothing to offer, that's for sure!  :)



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