This happens after installing SR2:

When I trim a surface that had an image applied as texture, the image gets distorted.

How can resume the old behavior?

Thank you,


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Hi Yianni,

That shouldn't happen... can I see the file? The underlying control point structure of the surface is what controls the texture mapping space with the default of 'surface mapping' for the planar surface created with Picture Frame. This may be a graphics card related issue instead... you can try disabling 'accelerated hardware' in Options>View>OpenGL to see if that helps. If it does, look at updating your graphics card drivers as another fix that won't require diminishing Rhino's display capabilities. 

Hi Brian,

I disabled 3D acceleration but it did not have an impact.

The computer effected is running Version 5 SR2 (5.2.30305.9115, 3/5/2013). Prior to this update the picture frame was fine.


Hi Yanni- we see this here now as well- we'll fix it, thanks.


Hi Pascal, In

Hi Yianni, John- this is fixed in the released SR2... please shout if you find that is not the case.


Hi John and Pascal,

Sorry I was cut of.
I am using SR2 (5.2.30328.21415, 3/28/2013)
It is fixed partially. It still occurs when trimming with degree 3. 

Please perform a trim in the attached file and see if you can replicate the error.



We are unable to download your Trim.rar file.

Can you please upload it again using this tool?



Thanks. Something is wrong here. I was able to reproduce the problem using your file and have sent it on to the developers. Thanks for the example.

This has been fixed for SR3. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi John,

Has this been addressed on Version 5 SR3 (5.3.30409.10515, 4/9/2013) ?
Because I m still getting it.

Do you need another file?

The last I hear the specific example you sent has not been fixed yet. It's on the pile though.



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