I'm new to version 5, and am using sr2.  I'm new to v5, but have been using v4 for some time.

I'm having a frustrating problem with pictureframe that I haven't been able to solve.

I'm using and image of a floor plan as a layer to draw on top of.  It loads fine, but as soon as I switch the viewport mode to 'shaded' the image in the frame warps and moves around when I scroll or rotate the viewport.  It is a completely useless, fluid warped image.  The same image file works fine in v4.  Is anyone familiar with this?

I have found similar issues on the forum but nothing has helped solve the issue.


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Hi JJ- this was a bug, on some systems, I believe through SR2... it should be fixed in SR3 - you can access the SR3 release candidate like so:

To enable updates to service release candidates, set Options > Updates and Statistics > 'Update frequency' to 'Service release candidate'. Rhino will look for these, download them in the background and offer to install once that is done and you are either opening or closing Rhino.

If you get this build, please report back and tell us if it is fixed for you... Also, you can try, in SR2 as well, changing the setting in Options > View > OPenGL for 'use accelerated hardware modes'.

Any luck either way?



Thank you Pascal, SR3 did solve the issue.  So far the image inside of picturefame seems stable.  Thanks for your help!

'Use accelerated hardware modes' was selected, but the problem persisted until the update.  I found a post suggesting to make sure that Rhino is using the graphics card manufacturer's drivers rather than the GDI generic.  My settings report that Rhino is in fact using the generic drivers, but I am to ignorant to figure out how to change this.  Will this be an issue for other features?



Hi JJ- I would go through the process of updating the video card drivers and see if that sorts it out- these would be available through the website of the video card maker.



Will do, thanks, and in case you don't see my previous edit, SR3 solved the issue!


OK, great, thanks for letting me know.





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