When I click Place Target icon, command "New Target Location", selects an element, and 

start to rotate, the whole model disapears.

Then I have to "Zoom Extents" to get it back.

But if I have an object selected and do Place Target, then it behaves as it should.

I also have a 3DConnection space mouse and that works great with auto centering the rotation point to center of the screen with every new move.

Can there be some interference by the space mouse that makes the manual Place Target 

function to behave wrong?

Best Regards!

Lars Levin

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Hi Lars- I believe there is interference from the 3dConnexion device, possibly from the auto-centering. I'll be able to test it in a couple of days, I am away from my desk a good deal this week. I recall that this came up before and I do not recall the upshot, off hand. A test would be to unplug the thing and see if it behaves more as you expect, and/or change the auto centering in the Space Mouse.





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