I'm new with Rhino, and was trying to load a photo to trace from my pictures. I am receiving a message that reads, Unable to load plug-in: ID not found in registered plug-in list.97714f56-22d3-4a11-80de-ea99bd922b30

Any advice ?


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You want to use View>Background Bitmap>Place.

Hi Chris,

Tried your, View>Background Bitmap>Place. I get the Open bitmap page, I go to My Pictures, pick one, pick Open and the page goes away. So I wondering what it is that I don't know?


In the help file for importing a PDF it mentions to select the supported file type, I'm selecting PDF or, All compatable file types and getting the same Plug-in Error message as before.


After the 'Browse for File' page goes away you should see 'First Corner' appear in the command line.  Pick the location of the first corner and then the command line will ask for the second corner.  Drag out the rectangle for the second corner.  The box will expand maintaining the aspect ratio of the picture.  Once you've selected the second corner the final command line appears that gives you some additional options.  If you don't want to change the default options just hit enter.  The picture should end up in the background of the c-plane of the viewport you drew the box in.  If the picture is large it might take a moment for Rhino to pre-process it before the 'First Corner' command shows up in the command line.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for taking the time to walk me through the steps. It went smoothly.


Hi Richard- at what point do you see this message? at start up? in a command?




Hi Pascal,

The message appears after picking Open at the bottom of the Open Bitmap page. I have Rhino5 with no additional software.




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