Want to do a walkabout style tour but hold the camera at 1.7m or whatever.

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One way to do this is with SetPathAnimation or SetFlythroughAnimation. Both ask for a path curve or curves which would constrain the movement of the camera, the target, or both. It is a less freeform, more planned approach. Not sure of how to constrain only the Z while leaving the X and Y free. Would love to hear from others of methods to do this too!


If you use SetFlyThroughAnimation you can use a curve to control the camera path and hence the height.

I don't want to animate... This is for live tours with clients using the perspective viewport over screen sharing on skype etc.

3d mouse helps a lot but is ionlu 80% of the way there.

Hi Ryan- Walkabout does not do this? Seems to hold the elevation here.



Actually I can't use the actual walkabout command. Seem to have problems with it. When stepping, the view reverts to the initial direction when walkabout was called, and when I look around the model vanishes randomly leaving me disoriented and unable to tell what way is up etc. Not so smooth with the client watching.



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