Possible to convert a .STL file to a .3DM file? If so how?

Title say it all.... is there a way to do this?


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Hi Andrew- any file format that can be read by Rhino can be saved to 3dm format - Open the  STL file in Rhino and hit Save...



Thanks Pascal, but maybe I should have been clearer..... is there a way to go from the "mesh" to the Nurbs?

Not automagically, or easily, except in certain special trivial cases, it's one of the most advanced, least-fun things you can do with Rhino. The software that claims to do it automatically costs a ton and produces generally very nasty results. So the next question would be, do you really really need to do this, what is the end goal?

Thanks James.

I mistakenly deleted a .3dm file from a flashdrive thinking it was a duplicate. I have the .stl file of that model but wanted to make a few slight changes.... seems I might be out of luck. Lesson learned.


Dang...yeah, NURBS to mesh is a one-way trip. You can basically use the mesh as a template to help you reconstruct the model.



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