Possible to do "Figures in a Loose Outer Skin"???

Hi everyone!!!

I'm very new at using Rhino, but I would like to know the possibilities of the software. So there is my situation.

A couple of days ago I saw a presentation of architect Tom Wiscombe, and there was a concept I was amazed with. The idea is to create a loose skin layer and, with it, cover different figures, so he got a new figure created by the interior ones and the covering loose skin (I attach a picture of the idea).

Therefore, my question is: Is it possible to create this kind of design with Rhino? Is there any command where you can create this skin which can be pushed by other figures and be shaped by them?


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Look at the Drape Command in the Surface Menu.

I wasn't aware of that tool... It is the kind of thing I was asking about; however, it looks like a piece of cloth covering differente figures. In the example I saw, it was more like a tense plastic, and I think it has the possibility of create shapes with that tool (I show it in the attached files), not just a surface falling on the figures. Maybe it was done with another software... Anyway, thanks for the reply, it's very useful.




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