Rhino is a phenomenally professional design tool but when it comes to presenting designs to clients or manufacturers, I feel like I'm hacking a presentation together in high school. Are there any Rhino5 developers available to address a few layout and appearance improvements that would make my ability to present much easier?

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Hi Gabe- please post your requests here, on the Rhino news group, or to me directly (pascal@mcneel.com)



The biggest problem or fix request I have is that we can't hide seams on objects in 'Shaded' views. In the settings they are currently tied with Surface Edges.

Providing two settings that toggled the view of Surface Edges and Seams independently, would solve the problems I have when creating shop drawings with Rhino.

The reason for this request:

Showing hard edges and silhouette edges are very important for clearly communicating an idea to clients and manufacturers. Also the shading information offered in a 'Shaded' view efficiently eliminates any illusions that simple line drawings sometimes create, and especially for clients it communicates design intent effectively. However, the presence of seams between tangential surfaces in drawings always confuse manufacturers and clients -- that's a continual source of frustration.

Seams are fantastic in a design work flow -- they are meaningful and useful. They don't belong in presentation views where they are deceiving to anyone who isn't a CAD designer.

Unless I waste time photoshopping away tangential seams from shop drawings produced in Rhino, I find myself having to make excuses about my design software in an attempt to explain why those lines are there — which is unprofessional.

The 'Shaded' display setting is amazingly efficient, both in computational speed and for design communication. It just needs that one fix -- hide seams, not silhouettes or hard edges.



Hi Gabe,

our VSR Realtime Renderer plug-in has been developed to adress this. E.g. the variant manager is a great tool for presentations. Check here to see some of its features:






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