Hi, I am trying to print a PDF with vector output but I always get a raster output. Someone got an idea what I am doing wrong?

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As I mentioned above - I think this is a bug in new Rhino5. I hope this will be repaired in SP1 - and at least turned back to "v4 state" ...

Don't resign on Rhino to fast ... it's great piece of software. :-))

Would be nice if someone from McNeel could comment on this topic if this is really a bug an will be fixed in future.

There seems to be two replies here. I think John Brock is referring to a larger redesign of the vector output function of Rhino but some others are referring to a bug - something that worked previously in V4.

Any further input on the 'bug' aspect of this discussion would be helpful. Should V5 come with a license for V4 if printing worked in 4 but doesn't in 5? I'm just teaching myself Rhino now so I'm not knowledgeable about these issues but output is crucial in my work so I'd like to know.

Thanks for the helpful replies. I'm not giving up on Rhino at all. I love working in this program and I look forward to getting a license. I draw all day (and many evenings) for a living so loving the program I use is key to having a good day.

It is on the feature wish list but was determined to be too ambitious for the V5 development cycle. I'm sure it will be looked at for V6 but no promises.

What other applications do you have that can print to a vector PDF that could potentially import one the the file formats Rhino can export?

John Brock
Tech support

An odd question - is there any other way to see what formats Rhino exports to without using the Export function? Rhino wants to Save the file before it opens the Export panel but I'm using a demo version and guarding my 25 Saves obsessively. I want to preserve my Saves until I've moved up the learning curve quite a ways further into more complicated models.


Yes. Go into Help (F1) and on the Contents tab, choose File I/O - File Formats to see a list.

The best format to get smooth, accurate, output, are STEP, IGES, ACIS, Parasolid, and Adobe Illustrator.


Did I got it right that you want to wait for V6 to fix the vector print bug?

In Rhino version 4 was everything fine with printing vector and raster. If I need to print in a page layout I go back to V4. Just to print the page layout.



I reported here about my problem with printing in "vector mode" from Page layout environment a month ago. I thought, that the behavior I described is a bug in Rhino 5. Now I compared printing the Page layout on a computer with both Rhino 4 and Rhino 5 installed and I changed my mind. I think it's not a bug but just another behavior while printing different view modes.

And I have to apologize - it is possible to print vectors from Page layout. I wrote, that it isn't possible and I feel little bit like a fool now :-).

And now about the differences in printing. I created very basic "scene" with a few lines, curves and solids. Than I prepared a Page layout with two details (one detail and its copy) and set the Wireframe mode for one detail and Shaded mode for the second one. And, of course, I printed this layout to PDF with "vector output" option selected.

In v4, the output PDF contains in both details only lines, curves and wireframe of solids - all printed as vectors.

In v5, the detail which was set to Wireframe mode is printed as expected - i.e. only lines, curves and wireframe of solids printed as vectors. The second detail - set to Shaded mode - is printed really shaded but with all objects printed as rasters.

However - there is still one "odd" thing. If you print in Rhino 5 directly form model view in Shaded mode, you will get same result as in v4 - PDF with only curves, lines and wireframes printed as vectors.

I'm sure that the change of printing methods is described somewhere in changelog, but - to be honest - I didn't read all over 3000 changes thoroughly.


Does anyone have a link to a good, thorough tutorial on output from Rhino?

I'm teaching myself Rhino right now and enjoying it tremendously but several people have said it's output ability is limited and requires going into another program - autocad or illustrator. I have both and am confident in both but I prefer to generate output from the program I'm modeling in.

But I watched this video (really more of a presentation than a tutorial): http://vimeo.com/55684260 and it seems to me that Rhino can do everything I'd hope for. I think many people aren't aware of this and are commenting on past versions of Rhino. 

A detailed tutorial would go a long way towards correcting this misunderstanding.



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