Hi, I am trying to print a PDF with vector output but I always get a raster output. Someone got an idea what I am doing wrong?

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As far as I know vector output is only possible when you have 2D drawing. I have never managed to do vector output on 3D perspective (as you have on your screen-shot) output.

it would be nice if this gets fixed.

Yeah, it just doesn't work, the as Jeff LaSor has explained the way the technical display modes do their hidden-line stuff doesn't give you vectors, not even close, it's all a bunch of shading trickery that just by some happy coincidence happens to look like a drawing.

this is very disappointing... i thought it must be possible to get some vectors out.

There are no vectors there to print. That's what Make2D is for....

There are still bugs with printing in rhino 5.

I could not print even 2d lines from Rhino5 in vectors. Also dimensions also print out pixelated.

I hope they are aware of this.

Layout and printing in Rhino is still quite rudimentary.

I'm trying to print to PDF purely 2D-lines image with "Vector output" selected. 

  • While printing from Page layout, the output file is "rasterized".
  • The same image printed directly from model (Top view) is printed correctly as vectors.

Same settings and different output - is there something I missed?

Thanks, J.

Make 2d > export as an illustrator file. Done. (unless you don't have illustrator). This also has a handy option to scale automatically. Just make sure your lines are at the origin, or the illustrator file won't open.

Thanks for help, but this solution is not what I'm looking for. (That image was made by Make2D. I also use export as AI file for some purposes and I know about this possibility.)

The solution i mentioned above (printing directly from model view) works as well. But I don't know why is PDF file printed from Page layout (with Vector output option selected) rasterized.

I think, it's a bug - because in v4 worked that option as expected in both "Page layout" and "Model view" printing. But there can be some new switch somewhere, which i didn't find ...

I agree it must be a bug because getting a pixelated 'vector output' makes no sense. 

Make2D is a nice feature but I want to get a full vector drawing out of rhino.

I'm curious about this issue.

I'm teaching myself Rhino with a demo copy. I use AutoCAD and SketchUp extensively but I consider AutoCAD 3D to be unusable and I'm not crazy about the way you have to go into a separate program from SketchUp to get output. So I end up exporting and importing between the two programs. I'm hoping that Rhino might be able to combine these various functions so I can output 2D and 3D from one application in one drawing set.

But if I can't output vector correctly from Rhino than Rhino isn't the solution.

Any further input on this issue will be greatly appreciated.

You can get vector output from 3D scene, but only in Wireframe mode - and (same bug again) unfortunately only while printing directly from Model view - not from Page layout. 

I'm afraid vector output is not possible in other display modes - you will get always the same result as in the Wireframe mode.

That's a real deal breaker for me. SketchUp's Layout program is pretty cumbersome especially when it comes to dimensions and annotations but at least you can choose between vector and raster or a hybrid of the two.




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