Hi, i need to set the default layout print options via script / rhinocommon.


1. There is no effect on changing page size:

-_Print _Setup _Destination _Pagesize 800 600 _Enter _Enter _Preview


2. Is there an option to set "Visibility -- > Text --> Filename --> TOP" via command or rhinocommon!?

The only option is to set a string as header text. But the string does not change when the filename change. I don't want to run a script for every print layout each time the file is saved.


Would be nice to figure out how to handle the print options via script!


kind regards


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Hi Johannes,

The developer who works on the printing tools is out-of-town this week. I've forwarded your comments to him.


 -- Dale

Hi Johannes,

1.) This appears to be a bug. I've added to our bug tracking system. Of course  this only works when printing to an image file.

2.) I've added this to wish list.

Also, adding print support to RhinoCommon is on the wish list (too).


 -- Dale



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