Ok so I asked this question before and didn't get the answer. 

I have the mac beta version of rhino 5. my question is this:

Is there a way to print blue prints at a kinkos or some other printing place?

I need to be able to convert the rhino files to PDF or what ever will work and it has to be done on a mac.

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It's rudimentary, you can print PDF's from the Mac print dialog, but you have virtually zero control.  PDF's can be printed at Kinko's...


Will it be 1:1 scale if printed this way?

Will it be 1:1 scale if printed this way?

Unfortunately, I don't see any way to do that currently.  Although you can (painfully) set a custom page size in the Page Setup on Mac, it appears that when you print to PDF MacRhino will just plonk a screenshot of current viewport at viewport scale in the middle of the page.

What I might do is export as .ai, then import in Illustrator (if you have that) or Inkscape (free Illustrator type program), do your page setup and PDF printing from there...


Ah I remember actual blueprinting, racing downtown at 6am to get it done before class. Since the schools' plotter was somewhat unreliable and very busy, I at some point actually did CAD blueprints by printing out my drawings on adhesive injket 8-1/2 by 11 transparencies, sticking them on the drawing sheets, and getting that mess blueprinted. Ah the 90s!

Sorry, tangent there. Are there no free PDF printers for Macs?



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