I'm trying to print 2d blueprints but do not have access to 24" wide printer. Is there a file format I could save it as to bring it to kinkos or the ups store to get it printed out?

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Most people install a PDF authoring tool like PDF995 and choose the sheet size they want.


Your answer makes me wonder if the PDF-maker that comes built in with Rhino 5.0 isn't PDF995 and if not, whether there isn't some benefit in quality or capability in downloading this?

Thank you.

At home I only have the Mac beta so I don't believe that has the PDF maker built in at this point and at school we use rhino 4

During the beta process of V5 for Windows, we made arrangements with PDF995 to distribute it with Rhino. When used from Rhino it worked fine. Because PDF995 installs as a Windows printer, when users printed to it from other applications, it popped up it's banner ads. Some people found this highly offensive, wo we took it out. I don't think Rhino V5 for Windows includes any PDF authoring tool. You're on your own. 

Personally, I use PDF995 and have done so for many years. It is very fault tolerant (Adobe Acrobat isn't) and works well.

Since Rhino for OSX doesn't have any of the Windows printing code (not possible), but does have PDF creation built into the operating system, you can get PDF files but without any of the control needed for printing plans.

Hi John,

My version of V5 has a pdfmaker (in the Print dialogue box) but I don't know if it's PDF995 or not. Is there any way to tell? Should I assume it is? 

I want to make sure I have the best possible pdf maker available for Rhino... as I do construction documents ... all day!  Thank you:)

You'll have to download a few (there are dozens of free ones out there) and try and see which one works best for you... 


Cosmas. That's probably PDF995 from you participation in the WIP/BETA cycle. If you look at at your Windows Printer list and see PDF995 that that's probably it.

"Best possible" is hard to nail down. "Best" is the one one that best fist YOUR needs. For me personally, that has has been PDF995.



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