I opened a DWG 2d with Rhino 4 and saved it as a 3dm rhino file, there it was everything OK.

Then I inserted that file in another Rhino file where already are few 3d elements.

But when I inserted that 2d file, I couldn't see the 2d drawings, there were only some points here and there imported (or sometimes, circles),

I searched in the FAQ in Rhino (by "problems by import/export") and in the internet but couldn't really find an answer,

I ask because it is not the 1st time I face that problem and still couldn't understand why and how.

Does somebody knows why this happens like that with these imported points?



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Hi Tom- please post or send me the dwg and the 3dm file made from it.




Hi Pascal,

I just attached the 2 files in post on top,



Hi Thomas,

I am using Rhino 5, but I tested it in Rhino 4 with the same results.

The main problem I found it that this model is out in space, specifically:

Point in world coordinates = 42810.60,15451.55,0.00

When you open the 3DM is it ok because you Zoom extents and see the geometry.

However, when you open a model with geometry down at 0,0, with Import or Insert, the objects are still  out there. The zoom extents is now much lager to account for existing geometry and the insert/import objects. Depending on the units the current model is in, the insert may look like a spec!

The circles or points, don't get this part, and I could not duplicate it exactly. Do you have any plug-ins loaded?

I would recommend first opening the 3DM, using the ModelBasePoint command to set the base post to a point on the object, instead of at 0,0. This way, when you Insert you can locate the geometry from a useful point. Another option would be opening the 3DM and "moving" all the geometry to 0,0.

You may also want to try this in the Rhino 5 Eval. However, I got the same results in both versions, so I am thinking it may be a plug-in.

Let me know if this works for you. We can also set up a TeamView session so you can some me what is happening.


Mary Ann Fugier

McNeel Technical Support
Seattle, WA


Hello Mary Ann,

thanks for your answer, yes it look to be some problem on my computer, I tried yesterday by my roommate and it works, now I import the 3d into the Autocad file (and not the Autocad into the 3d file) and it seems to work :)

Kind Regards,




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