I have rhino 5, when I use the prospective view for 10-15 minutes the desktop become black and the program is blocked.

The characteristic of computer are:

Pentium(R) Dual-Core E5400 2,70GHz
Ram: 4,00GB
Windows 7 Professional SP1 32bit

graphic card: ATI Radeon HD 4650
PCI Express 2.0
memory: 1024 MB
kind of memory: DDR3
first Clock: 600 MHz
Clock of memory: 750 MHz
24,0 GByte/s
Driver: ATI Catalyst 8.652.0.0 del 01/09/2009 (2009.0901.2227.38495)

How I can fix the problem?



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Hi Roberta- does this happen with any file? Or only with very complex ones? How about the display mode- is it specific to some display modes? Are the video card drivers up to date?



Thank for answer me, it happens with complex and simple file, the video card is new, the oldest was changed last week. When I'm in the prospective view the program stop to work



Hi Roberta- please check on line for the latest drivers for your card- if it is brand new, it is possible that the drivers that came in the box are not the most recent. Can you tell me what display mode you are using in the Perspective view? Does the problem occur using any display mode? (Wireframe, Shaded, Rendered, etc)


The problem occur using all display mode.

I realized that if I change the option aspecte Antialiasing 4x in "none" it works. I put this parameter in OPTION OF VISUALISATION - OPEN GL - ANTIALIASING. Will anything change in the rendering?Can I let this parameter?


Thank you


I can put the setting 2x too and it works.

I use v-ray for rhino to render. Will anything change if I let 2x in the antialiasing?

Hi Roberta,

The Anti-Aliasing setting in Options>View>OpenGL is for the viewport display and is used by your graphics card. Rendering plugins will have a separate control in their own options for anti-aliasing when the rendering is raytraced. 

Check for current drivers for the Radeon card to use higher AA settings. New cards often don't ship with current drivers. 


I upgrade the graphic card, now it works .

Thanks for your help.




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