I'm using windows 7, Rhino 5 64bit, and Adobe Acrobat Pro ver 9.5.4 and I'm looking for some help with saving and opening PDF files in Rhino.

I can save or export the model as a pdf and all looks fine.  But when I try to open or import the same file in Rhino, I get an error that shows me the correct path to the file but it reports it as an Invalid PDF.

I can open the file in Adobe Acrobat and all other programs designed to open pdf files except Rhino. 

Also, I've also tried PDF files created in other programs, including Adobe, and I get the same error on most of them, except I have found that I can open & import most PDF files that were saved with Corel Draw ver 15.

I've attached a recent file of a Rhino drawing saved as a PDF that I get the error when when trying to open and wonder if someone could try to open or import it in Rhino 5.

I'd appreciate any help or advice toward a solution to this problem.



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Hi Marian.


I have had the same issue with pdf files that I have assumed to be a later version than Rhino recognises to import. To repair the problem I save the pdf with the Optimiser in the Advanced menu. I have mine set for Acrobat 5.0 and have never had an issue importing such files.

Your pdf attached.






Thank you for your reply and assistance which lead me to the correct area to find a solution.

After trying your suggestion, which worked for some of my files but not others,  I searched around in the Advanced, Preflight menu area and tried several different settings. By trial and error,  I found that I could export uncompressed files and they all worked properly when importing or opening in Rhino. 

And as you can see this was later confirmed by Pascal Golay from McNeel as a bug that will be fixed soon.  So in the meantime the fix in preflight will remove compression from the needed files and make them usable as well.



Hi Marian- Rhino does not read compressed pdfs, as I think your example is - that will be fixed for SR3. We've had some delays getting SR2 out as quickly as we'd hoped- a couple of new bugs popped up at the last minute - but that should be out soon. Shortly afterwards we'll offer an SR3 release candidate- you can get at these early SR3 builds by setting Update frequency in Options > 'Updates and statistics' to 'Service release candidate'

I'll attach the result from SR3.




Is there a way to download SR candidates from the website? If not, take this as a suggestion.


I appreciate your assistance and the information you provided.  

I was able to open the file you attached that was saved with SR3 perfectly and it contained all the data from my drawing.

I'll eagerly await the service release and in the meantime I have a workaround for Adobe Acrobat that allows me to open the problem PDF files as well.

I've also followed your advice and set the options update frequency to service release candidate as well. 

Thank you,


Hi Pascal,

I have tried all the above mentioned work-a-rounds, and failed at every one. I can open the file in many viewers and adobe acrobat, but not in Rhino:-(.


Hi Marian- SR3 candidates are not available just yet, but that is on the way.





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