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 I had thought I had this figured out but no such luck.....

I plot large paper mounting patterns on a 60" wide pen plotter from Rhino 4 using WinLine. Plotting is fine, the only thing is when plotting I believe the HPGL plot file plots in reverse order as to what order the information is stored in the Rhino file. So the plotter spends a lot of time traversing from one end of the plot to the other and gets off track on plots longer than 8'.... Is there a way to re-order the geometry stored in the Rhino file to go from left to right so I can plot longer patterns in a single plot?


I've tried cutting the plot into 3' long areas and tried cutting and pasting in reverse order, even importing seperate files into a new file and plotting won't work either.


I had an old vinyl cutting software (Casmate) in win 3.1 that had a function to reorder the lines left to right and it work great, but moving to Win 7 and Rhino killed that.


Even printing HPGL to a file and running it thru a utility program would be fine.






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Can you post something that shows what the shapes you're trying to plot look like?

Hi Rick- is this something that is simple enough to pick the order by hand in a sane amount of time?  I doubt it, but I have a script already that does that... if you can send me an example, and a clear idea of how you want things ordered, I'll see if I can make something that can reorder automatically




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