I'm trying to reverse model a scanned surface, but I have a problem.

I can extract the border from the scan surface easily enough using the DupBorder command. The problem is that it's not the border that I need.  I actually need to be able to somehow shrink the border along the mesh surface so that I can surface edge.  I'm not explaining this well, I'll attach a screenshot to try and explain what I'm after a bit better.



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Sounds like you either need to 1) trim the mesh so that the border represents what you want, or 2) just have the projection of your border onto the mesh (without actually trimming the mesh).

2) is easier, just use the command Project to project the edge curves you want onto the mesh.

for 1) you will need to use the command MeshTrim, if the mesh is very dense however, this command can fail.



are you using native Rhino? There are a lot of plug-ins which could help you here? The VSR Shape Modeling 2.0, Rhino Reverse, mesh2surface, just to mention some?



Yes, I'm only using native Rhino atm.  Thanks for plug-in suggestions btw, much appreciated.





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