Im looking to design some rings with Rhino 3d with the OSX version of Rhino.

There seems no good options for OSX at the moment to design jewellery, did I overlook and are there options for rhino on osx to design rings?

How about all the different rings sizes. 

What would be a good way to manage those inside a model, resize the model?

I have certain elements that should always be exactly the same, only the diameter must be changed ( ring size 18 to 21 european ) the problem is im feeling this is going to be a big headache, having to have all the seperate ring sizes an update all the models on each change.

some questions

1) Are there better OSX options for ring design than rhino can offer maybe ? 

2) How to manage several ring diameter sizes and still be able to easily update models?

3) Any other tips, suggestions some basic templates or models free for download to start with?

Kind regards

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Hi Jordan,

The PC version of Rhino will have the most options for you right now. I'd suggest using the free Grasshopper plugin to manage ring sizes while experimenting with design options. Check out this site which is a community dedicated to GH (Grasshopper) and Jewelry design.

the main GH site is here...

You could also use a dedicated Rhino plugin for jewelers. There are a bunch listed on the resources page here...

Thank you Brain for your response. 

I install the trail version of rhino 5 on windows.

Did not knew of its existance, my needs are very basic but ring resize is a must have.



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