I wish Rhino would consider a model shaing site, where people can upload and download rhino models. Something Sketchup users has and works really well. It would also increase spread and popularity for mcneel products like flamingo, bongo and Rhino 5.There are a lot of skilled people out there who would like to share some of their creativity.

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Those who want to do that do so already on sites like GrabCAD and Flyingarchitecture, but no it would not be very popular.

Unlike Sketchup Rhino models are actually used in manufacturing, none of my clients would want me to go sharing that. Some simple low-quality geometry up to populate the background of an architectural-type rendering? Sure why not, but it's hardly a showcase for what Rhino, and neither are the models illegally ripped from video games all over such sites.

Are you teaching me about cad?

Why did you even bother answer, you got nothing to say.

YES, yes it is VERY popular

A lot of major companies use Sketchup for proprietary drawings they CHOOSE not to share them.

I have been using Rhino for Years and not one of My drawings were used to manufacture.

You should be bound by laws, morels, and respect not to release customers property 

low-quality geometry??? architectural-type rendering? what about products, concepts, transportation? I for one don't like to waste My time drawing non proprietary objects for a scene to showcase something custom I drew.

ripped from video games?????? Please return Your foot back inside of Your mouth

You are one big epic fail! Refrain from posting stupid remarks to forums

Wow, different atmosphere here than on the NG!

Yeah, it makes me miss Jon Banquer.

At least Jon never used the words "epic fail". Too old for that internet jargon I guess.

But you are right about GrabCAD. The place already exists to share files. I've used it frequently. 3DContentCentral is another, although that may be SWX biased.

Okay, better get my asbestos suit on now!!




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