Have Rhino 4 SR9 and the program crashes whenever I attempt to open or import a Sketchup (.skp) file.

I downloaded and installed the 3d-Warehouse plugin for Rhino and that plugin does work on certain files.  For instance I downloaded a model of an R/C Servo and it worked fine.  Then I attempted to download a servo arm and the program crashed.

Have not been able to figure out why one crashes via the 3D Warehouse and not the other.

I attempted to download the Rhino Sketchup importer found here, but it did not fix the problem.


Any ideas on what is causing this behavior?


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Avoid it. That old plug-in was a labs tool, proof-of-concept tool for early V5 development and was abandoned back in 2007. It will crash most of the time. It's not a production ready tool. SketchUp has changed their file format several times since then.

If you want to fool around with SKP mesh files, you'll need Rhino V5. You can use the 25-save eval to test it out. Don't waste your time with that old plug-in.

Hi Jeff- SKP files later than version... maybe 6 or 7, cannot be read by V4. My guess is that is what is causing the plug-in to crash.



Thanks for the help. Am using a plugin for Sketchup that allows export as .STL, .DXF, so it is possible to get simple parts into Rhino and converted manually. Need to save up for version 5.0!



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