Downloading updates for Rhino 5 via the web-site has always been a straight-forward process, and down loads always happened in a matter of a few minutes.

Today was the first time that I updated with the automatic updates, and the download time was excessively long.

The "last checked time" was 1:38pm when I saw the notification that a down-load was in progress, and it finally finished the down-load at 4:14pm. A total time of 2 hrs and 36 mins.

Would this be a normal download time via the automatic updates method?


When new versions were notified on the initial 'about / file' dialogue several version past, the download happened very quickly.




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It runs as a background process and stays out of your way. If you started your computer, fired up Rhino so the check for updates tool was running, and there was a new build, it would queue up for download. If you were busy using your computer, it would stay out of they way. If you left it running and not sleeping it would download fairly quickly. It uses the same tools that Windows Update uses. It assumes running your computer is more important than downloading updates.


John Brock

Thanks John.


As I would have assumed. Perhaps I was re-routed somewhere that day - it was like the good old days with dial-up. Both my hp z400 and z600 work-stations have absolutely no power saver / sleep modes implemented, and I was using the primary work-station at the time.

I will try a monitor it again over the next weeks.


Kind Regards,




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