Call me a nut, but I like simple surface that dont have too much isocurves, keep it simple!

But while changing from Rhino 4 to 5, I've found out that the command ExtendSrf in Rhino 5 adds isocurve to the distance you extended, where Rhino 4 just simply extend it without adding isocurve.

As you can see the 4 close isocurves on the image where done by extending the surface 4 times by small increment. Now to avoid it, I just extend it more than I need. 

And the only way to get rid of them is to Rebuild, but it's hard sometimes to get close to the same parameter of the original surface.

Thanks, just wish I wouldn't be so fussy about this, but ...

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I am having an other problem, when I try to cut a surface with an other one in Rhino 5 half of the time it wont work if its an extended surface and if I ask for Intersection of the 2 surfaces it only show part of the intersection. Like this: 

With Rhino 4 (same surfaces and I was able to cut the lower surface with the upper surface, cant do it in Rhino 5):

Something is bugging... Please help me, cause I might change to Rhino 4 for modeling now where I was in love with Rhino 5 and its 64 bit!

Hi Philippe- can you please post, or send me directly, the surfaces showing the ExtendSrf and intersection problems? 



There you go, I saved them in Rhino 5. 


So are you coming up with something? I am using Rhino 4 for surfacing now, until I can do the same thing in Rhino 5. Just too bad, I really like Rhino 5 because its quicker. 


Hi Phil- I do see that V4 gets a full curve of intersection between the two smaller surfaces- I am sending that on to the developer for a look. One thing you can do in cases like this in V5 is, when trimming with an edge that is coincident with the surface to be trimmed, is to use the 'crv' selection filter. For example, start Trim with no pre-selection than type in crv and Enter at the command line. Click on the edge of the surface to be used as a trimming object. Rhino will force the selection to be only the edge curve and not the surface- this avoids intersection of the surfaces and uses this edge curve directly to trim. 

I am not clear about the extend problem in this file- is the larger surface already extended? If so, can you send me the surface before extending? As is this surface seems to extend as I would expect. 

thanks for any 'blow by blow' for idiots....




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