I received my disc today and the company is closed for the holidays but I need this installed,first I deleted the demonstration software and hit autorun in windows 7 I went through everything and closed the final window and opened rhino itself and I get a error message that says contact my system administrator and rhino does not open in fact it closes back down how do I get around this please?

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I'm sorry you're having problems. It sounds like Rhino V5 installed without complaint. Is that so? Assuming it is, when you try to start Rhino, are you using the Desktop 32 or 64-bit shortcut? Do you get an error message? If so, please take a screen shot and sent it back.

Do either version start in Safe Mode? There are shortcuts in the Rhinoceros 5 Program groups. Safe mode blocks loading OpenGL and plug-ins, either of which have the potential for keeping Rhino from starting. Safe mode is not a production work-around. It is a troubleshooting tool.

John Brock
Tech Support

the message reads in the License Manager window and it won't copy and paste........

There was a problem with "_mcneel._zoo5"

Please contact your system administrator for assistance

It has the attention symbol on the left,thats where it shuts down.


First, depending on your PC's set-up you may have or you may not have enough permission to install software.  In addition, Win 7 is a little cranky when it comes to security.

Assuming you have en ough permission to install, try to start Rhino "as admlnistrator": to do so, right click on the Rhino launch whort cut, and then select "run as administrator".

If that fails, try reinstallaing Rhino as administrator: to do so, right click on the installation launcher, then select "run as administrator".

I am interested n hearing how you fare, if you would kindly reply, please :-).

Excellent idea.I'm afraid I already tried that though.unfortunately it had no effect whatsoever...........it's in the License manager window

There was a problem with "_mcneel._zoo5"

Please contact your system administrator for assistance

It has the attention symbol on the left,thats where it shuts down.

Are you using the Zoo on your LAN?

If not, when you installed Rhino, did you click on the option to use the Zoo by mistake?

If so, then your Rhino is configured to use the Zoo floating license manager on your network. If you're NOT using the Zoo, then I can send you instructions on how switch from a Zoo configuration to a Stand-alone setup.


Guy's I've successfully installed Rhino-5 with your help thank you so very much I am grateful...;-)

                                           Capt, Thaddeous Blanchard~~~

On at least My computer it requires doing it as administrator without checking the Zoo box I have no idea why It's there but it's one of the things that stopped me.

The Zoo is a floating license manager that can be used to share a smaller number of licenses between a larger number of users on a network. For some unknown reason we do not understand, some individual users are checking the option to use the Zoo and should not be doing so. The next build of Rhino V5 (SR1), has changed the installer to make it more obvious what selecting the Zoo does and what it is for. Hopefully this will cut down on the number of users choosing the option when they don't understand it.

John Brock
Tech Support



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