Rhino 5 SR1 incompatible with ATI Firepro v5700 video card

Thought I would pass this along.  The SR1 upgrade to Rhino 5 caused a complex of problems.  For example, the command Zoom Extents locked up the program.  The Split command failed to highlight cutlines.  In discussing this with tech support, it emerged that these problems are typically caused by an out of date video card driver.  

By experimenting with past and current drivers, and by uninstalling SR1, it was possible to isolate the problem to SR1.  It is not the drivers.

I have now re-installed the original Rhino 5.0 from the DVD, and it runs fine.  I have also disabled the updates. 

I have the tSplines plug-in, but in the course of troubleshoothing this SR1/video card problem, tSplines has been un-installed, and so unless it left behind some sort or residual code, it could not be a source of the difficulty. 

regards, Michael 

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Hi Michael- thanks for the info, I'll pass it along to the devlopers.



Hi Michael, any update on this issue? i have purchased a W7000 specifically for modelling in rhino and would like to know if the card works well with SR1


Yes, I have an update. At the suggestion of technical support I downloaded SR2 to one of our ATI Firepro equipped workstations 2 days ago.

So far, I have not detected any of the problems (freezing, curious select patterns for trimming) that I had with SR1.  After a few more days and use with more complex models I will know more, but so far, SR2 is just excellent. 

I have been using 5.0 in the intervening weeks, because of SR1 problems, and it is nice to graduate to 5.2 and catch up with the rest of the community. 

Let us know what luck you have with the 7000.  Michael


I've installed the W7000 into the workstation running SR2 and so far it's running fine, the viewport display is definitely better looking than other workstation running radeon gaming cards however I don't really see a huge performance difference in terms of FPS when manipulating the viewports, maybe the drivers are not yet optimized for rhino?

One more question i'd like to ask is, do i set the AA / AF in driver or in rhino's option? or does it make any difference in performance?


We have a FirePro 5700 and a FirePro 5900 on two different workstations (of two different generations).  But I have no experience with the 7000.  Maybe Patrick could chime in.


I will be interested to know your ultimate opinion of the 7000 card.  I read a review of it but the reviewer was not a Rhino user, so it was not too instructive.   

Having used it for a week or so, there's really no obvious advantage of using the W7000(USD 750) over the SLI radeon HD6750 (USD40x2?) in terms of viewport speed. (opening the same model with default ghosted visual style in both computer and using the turntable command set at the same speed, the fps is about the same, if not slower than the radeon card)

I've looked at AMD's page for rhino v5 certified driver but only older generation cards are certified (V7900 etc)


It's hard to justify the purchase at this moment, I hope it's a driver related issue and V5 not utilizing the full power of the firepro card. Any comments from McNeel side on this issue?


*found a link from AMD's website here, looks like they recommend the V7900 over the W cards for whatever reasons...



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