So I Just upgraded from rhino 4 to Rhino 5 I also upgraded the maxwell plugin to the 64 version. My problem is that I am applying material the same way I did in my previous setup of rhino 4. (I take the Materials from the database Manager to the Scene Manager under Materials then I drag and drop to the rhino layers) but when I hit the maxwell plugin render button it sends the file to maxwell but all the Materials are the rhino default gray. 

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Are your objects set to get their texture by layer? (In the Material options, with an object selected, there's a drop-down that offers to apply materials by Layer, Parent, or Object. You want Layer.)

Also I *think* there's an option in the Maxwell Rhino interface to render all materials as gray, but it's not set to "on" by default so I doubt that's causing it.

The Maxwell Rhino forum is excellent! Visit it here: (Rhino subgroup)



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