i recently purchased the rhino 5 upgrade but do not have a disk drive to import it with. if i download the rhino 5 trial version and then put in the "upgrade" cd-key in will it work?

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Hi Brando- the older cd key will be sufficient, no disk needed. If the key is from a version prior to v4, please make sure to enter the key as 'ALL CAPS'.



Yeah, sorry, I was answering the bit about the CD drive, I managed to miss the part about the eval. 



But Pascal, it gave you the opportunity to post another message!


That is true- gotta keep my posting status.



The Eval can not be converted with a key code. When you get your V5 DVD and key code, you'll need to copy the DVD to a USB flash drive or download the big 1GB file from the URL listed on the little slip in the DVD case. 

Installing V5 with an update key code will prompt you to enter your V4 key code as the qualifier for the upgrade.


John Brock
Tech Support

No it will not - you cannot "convert" a trial version into a full version by entering the license.  In the CD case, there was a download link for downloading the full version of the V5 upgrade.  You will need to enter the license for V5 that was in the CD case during the upgrade as well as the license key for the previous version - if it is not installed on the computer already.


thank you both. the help is much appreciated.



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