We have an uncommon problem.

We want to make an animation using the Rhino 5 one and nXt, but we need to correct each frame produced adding an haze effect. For that the frames should be saved in the nxtimage format and each one edited (boring). In any case this is not allowed by the Rhino animation that is saving in the common image formats.

We tried some walk around trying to directly produce an haze in the frames without editing them but without results.

In detail we put two semitransparent spheres centered in the model but or we see the edge of the spheres or, having the ground plane active, the "fog" spheres are cut on the ground plane.

The problem is that the animation modifies the view each time and we need a "constant haze effect" on all of them, moving on the camera/target paths.

Any idea to solve that problem?


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