HI !!

I m looking for a way to navigate on rhino, as easily as on sketchup. 

Indeed, in sketchup you have a command, with a guy. You just have to click on the surface, and you have the view as if you were standing on this surface, at human height! Then you can walk on this surface, keeping the good height!!!

In rhino, could we have something like that? Does anyone has create a script for that?

THANKS for your advice!!!!!


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What command or tool in Sketchup do you use to accomplish this?

This probably all you need:


 -- Dale

  This is the sketchup command. You just click on it, then you have to click on the surface you want to put the feets of the guy, then you have the resulting view at human height!

It would be so awesome to find or create such a tool like that on Rhino!

Hi Cams- this is probably not all of what you need but it might help some- the attached script has some tools for leveling the view according to Camera location, Target location, User entered height, picked point in the viewport. 

To use the script, extract and save the .rvb file from the attached zip archive, then drag and drop the saved rvb over an open Rhino V4 or v5 window. This will load the script, set it up to load on startup in the future and register the alias





that will run the script much like a regular command. An alias can be typed or added to a toolbar button or keyboard shortcut (F-key). 

You light want RotateCamera after running one of these. This will let you 'look around' from a constant camera position.






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