So I have a few models that I have massed out.  My boss comes to my desk often to see the new design.  I like to have it in render mode to give it some simple differentiation in the materials.  However, when looking from the exterior of the structure into the interior, the interior is really dark and you can't even see angles anymore.  Adding light for some reason actually makes the interior even darker.  Is there any way to solve this problem?  Also, when trying to capture a screen shot of a top view in render mode many of the angles and form lines are not seen because of the lighting they are blobbed together in a white mass.  What I do usually is "make 2d" lines and put them on top just to see whats going on.

Is there a better mode for this? 

Thank you for your help guys.

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Hi Alex- you might try modifying a copy of say, the Pen display mode to:

1. use shading

2. use the render material for object color.

To do this, got to Options > View > Display Modes and make a copy of the Pen mode (or whatever, this is an example that might work for what you want), then tweak the settings in there as above- both settings are on the front/topmost page of all the display mode settings for that mode.

Any luck with that?



That is interesting.  I had no idea I could do that.  

I modified the existing pen mode, I couldn't find out how to make a copy of the mode.

Those ideas helped for the exterior views that I wanted but the interior is still black.  I will try and modify other modes like that and see if that helps.  Let me know if you think of anything else.

Thank you Pascal!

Hi Alex- To copy a mode: find the mode in the list at the top level of Display Modes. Select it in the list and then click on Copy at the bottom of the page. Does that work?



Got it!

I changed up the render mode properties.  

I changed the background to black and added lines to the edges.  That helped.

It looks a little cartoony now kind of realistic mode in Revit but I think its the closest I will get.  Thanks for your help.

Hi, you may also consider using collaboartive review software, like NavisWorks by Autodesk - download from the Autodesk site, 30 day trial license.

In fact, if this were to be a possibility, there is a lo which can be done to greatly enhance the model utiliation and reveiwm management.

I've used NW for 12+ years with significnat success and advantage in model review work.

There is also a free viewer, very powerful and useful.

I checked and we I actually have NW on my computer. But I have no idea what it is... can you explain a little and how it can help me?

Also, what type of file should I save the rhino model as to open it up in NW?



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