I seem to be unable to exit Rhino completely. There is always a process which remains from each session. See attached where there is only Paint Shop Pro running 

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Why dont you just right click and end process task for all of them?

Thanks for the suggestion but I think I would get tired and fed up if the only way to stop rhino is to always open task manager and end processes. It's only Rhino that it happens. and as you can see there is 1 Gb tied up by Rhino alone when there is no other applications running

Hey Danny,

Do you have Neon installed by chance?

try disabling it and see if that cures it.

Also do you have the latest Rhino Beta installed?

I had this problem and I uninstalled Neon and it went away.



Thanks Ryan,

Yes. Neon is installed, I'll give it ago.


Uninstalled Neon and its closing properly now.

I'm going to install the latest version which has just been released and see if it comes back.



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