Hello everybody,

the company I'm working for is going to update the Visual Studio environment up to version 2012.

I'm actually developing Rhino 5 plugins using RhinoCommon with Visual Studio 2010, and I did not manage to find RhinoCommon templates for Visual Studio 2012.

Is there a workaround to keep using RhinoCommon with Visual Studio 2012?

Thank you so much.


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Hi Fabio,

I've been using 2012 for some time now and in principle there is not problem with it. I don't use the templates though so I'm not sure about their compatibility. I just copy and paste my command classes and manually change the guid attrubiute to prevent a clash. The same can be done with a whole plugin if necessary.


I tried a basic plugin as you recommended, and I succeeded!

Thank you!


Hi Fabio,

I've added your request to support Visual Studio 2010 with the RhinoCommon templates to the wish list.


 -- Dale



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