I'd like to install a custom toolbar.

The setup will copy the *.rui to the right place.

Then I want Rhino to load and show this toolbar on next start automatically.


Where is the information stored which *.rui to load and show?



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If you open a toolbar RUI file in V5, then close Rhino, That Rhino will open with it loaded next time.

Maybe I don't understand your question...


Hi John,

no, misunderstanding.

While Rhino is CLOSED, I want to install a toolbar file.

Then, Rhino is CLOSED, I want to modify Rhinos settings about toolbars.

Then, on next Rhino start, I would like to have the toolbar loaded and shown.

Which settings do I have to modify (registry, XML- or INI-file or whatever)?



I don't think there is any mechanism to do what you're asking for. Sorry. I'll check with the developer next week but I'm pretty sure there's no way to do that.


Hi John,

thanks for your effort.

I believe there must be a way, as others are able to manage this task.

Perhaps it is only possible with a plugin that does nothing more than just loading the toolbar?



Rhino maintains the RUI files to load in the Windows Registry. For 64-bit Rhino, you can find the value here:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0x64\Scheme: Default\Window Positions\Docking Toolbars

Name: Rui files
Data: <add path to your RUI files here>



Basically, you can add the path to your RUI file to this value using REGEDIT.EXE. Make sure each path is on its own "line" in the edit control that is displayed by REGEDIT. And, make sure to add an extra return character after the last path.

For example:




That should do it.


Hi Dale,

thanks a lot, that works as expected.

Additional question:

Is it possible to set the position and size of the new shown toolbar?

As it is now, the toolbar opens 'somewhere', and it is totally shrinked, no button visible.




Really no chance?

Hi Charles,

Sorry I missed this - trying to get used to the new forum.

The size and position of toolbar files are stored in the RUI file itself.

My best suggestion is to open all of the toolbars in the RUI file, move and size them the way you want, and then save the file. Now, if you move the RUI file to another system, they would open fairly close to where they were saved.

 -- Dale



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