Is it possible to run a rhino script from a background thread? I am getting an error:

Attempted to read or write protected memory. 

I am working on plugin development in which c#  plugin has to process a .3dm file and at the end of it open this .3dm file.

The processing happens on a background thread.. And when the processing is complete it runs a script to open this file from this background thread.  

I have tried running very simple script such as _new and others which does not require any inputs on background thread. But all of them throw the same error. 

Thanks for your help.. 

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Neither Rhino not RhinoScript is thread safe. If you try to access either Rhino or RhinoScript in another tread, you will most likely crash Rhino.

You can, though, perform non-Rhino calculations in worker threads. But when you access Rhino (e.g. SDK functions), then you need to make these calls from the main thread.

 -- Dale



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