a customer complains an error when he uses Save As PDF.

He gets an "Activation Error", "Printer not activated, error code -30" after clicking Save in the print dialog.

When I try the same in here, I only get a hanging Rhino with no error message, and also no PDF file.

What to do?



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Hi Charles,

What PDF printer are you using?


Hello Helvetosaur,

What PDF printer are you using?

two cases:


Customer has nothing special installed, just V5 from DVD.

He gets the error message '-30'.


In here, same install from DVD, but several betas and WIPs were there, so the PDF995 is installed here as well.



Ahh, I misread - you are using SaveAs > PDF (not Print)...  Hmm, this appears to call some PDF printer that is installed but I don't know which...  Odd, I've never seen/used this SaveAs option.  It does call up the print dialog, but there is no drop down to choose a printer...  Very odd indeed...  McNeel will have to answer this one, I don't have a computer where some sort of PDF printer is not installed...  ----H

We make a lot of pdf files here, but we always "print" to "adobe pdf" as the printer.

That would be because you have Adobe Acrobat installed.  The case mentioned doesn't.  ----H

I missed that. How about PDF995 or some other free pdf print utility? I guess it's because I only use "SaveAs" to save Rhino files. I use "print" to get pdf or jpg files and "export" to get all the  other formats available.


But PDF995 works if you don't have acrobat.

I believe there might be a bit of a bug here leftover from the fact that the shipping V5 doesn't actually have a PDF exporter, it was a 3rd-party program, there were complaints, it was dropped.

Yes, that maybe the case.

Of course I told the customer he should use the regular Print command to solve the problem.

A short info from RMA would be good!

Otherwise it is a mystery why this 'Save As PDF' exists and what is intended to do.





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