I'm trying to save a page that I've created to a format (pdf, jpg, etc.) that I can email to my clients. When I try to, I keep getting the message "Could not start print job". I'm using Rhino 5.


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Hi Gary- do you have a pdf driver installed? There are some good ones available free, 'out there', like CutePDF, PDF995 and others.



Hi Pascal,

Yes I do, I tried it, and it worked Okay. I was also able to save as a jpeg.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Hi Gary,

You might want to look at using Rhino Render. Set Document Properties/Rhino Render/Miscellaneous so dimensions text and curves will render if you want, then save the output as png or jpg.

Hi Abraham,

Thanks for the advise. I've done that in the past, but thought I'd try something different, and see how the page feature works.



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