Setting distance between lines: The Revit-way in Rhino?


I've been searching for help to a specific question about Rhino but haven't managed to find anyone else asking about this feature, so here it comes:

I have drawn for example two vertical lines at unknown distance from each other and want to set an exact distance between them by moving one of the lines.

In Revit: I just click the line I want to move, and Revit automatically displays the distance to the other line, and by clicking that number I can type the wanted distance and the line moves to place. The workflow is one click on the object to move, one click on the distance, and then typing a number for the distance and hitting enter, so only three actions to move a line precisely where I want it in relation to the other line.

I find this is perhaps the most useful "tool" in Revit, as I can easily and quickly move lines/walls without first having to measure the distance to other lines/walls.

Is there a similarly simple way to do this in Rhino, setting the exact distance between two lines without first moving one line on top of the other and then move it back the wanted distance? Offset won't do it either, since the lines could have different lenght, linetypes etc.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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There's nothing in the Rhino Interface that allows for parametric modeling.  The Grasshopper plugin does provide a parametric solution to Rhino but not quite in the user interface form that you're describing.  That being said for the right type of project it can be very powerful in regards to parametric modifications.

Hi Jonas- you can offset a line to a specific distance or using the ThroughPt option - Offset command. You can  Move an existing object and set a distance from a given point using the From osnap and any of the osnaps or a typed in point.


So it seems it can't be done entirely as fluently in Rhino as in Revit, but the move + from command is exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks Pascal for the very clear demonstration!

Chris, thanks for your reply as well! I haven't got a chance to try out Grasshopper yet, but when I do, in case I don't find the solution you mentioned, I'll come back and ask you about it. I'm mainly working on architectural work so moving walls and lines as easy as possible back and forth in relation to other walls and lines while planning is essential!




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