Hi everyone

I have a client which is using Siemens NX to create steel structure which is send to me as step/ igs/ rhino files. If I foward the step file to a supplieer which works with Tekla, he's got a problem working with these files as Rhino usually only exports "surfaces". 

After discussions with both, Siemens NX and Tekla support, on of the possible solution was to install a plugin in Rhino to export the files in SDNF format. 

I never worked with Grasshoppers nor with this plugin (hence why I had to install it) but I wanted to ask if anyone either had first hand experience with exporting directly from Siemens NX to Tekla or could help me understand why the only thing I export (after pressing "extract SDNF current model" or "Extract SDNF Data Options") is a 1kb SDNF file.

Any help would be appreciated.

Plugin Name is: ggRhinoSDNF v1.0.01 GH0.9.0005.msi


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Hi Marko-

" he's got a problem working with these files as Rhino usually only exports "surfaces". "

Rhino will export solids via STEP if the surfaces are all joined (Join command) in Rhino before export. If you are getting the objects via IGES, they will come into Rhino as separate surfaces, but if all goes well, these can be Joined in Rhino. If the objects are coming to Rhino via STEP, then if they were solid in the original, they should be, assuming all tolerances are OK, solid in Rhino as well.



Hi Pascal

the issue is not really with Rhino, surfaces or solids. The file is ok, the steel beams are closed and therefore solids, however the Tekla software got a problem with it. It's like fishing in the dark which is why I came here to ask how I could export a SDNF file from Rhino so they can use it directly in Tekla. Would I have to build up the entire steel structure again with Grasshoppers?

Good morning Marko,

forgive my ignorance but why would one want to export from NX to Rhino and then again to Tekla ?

Can they not go direct frm NX to Tekla ?



Hi Nick

you are perfectly right, that would be the most logical approach, however there seems to be a compatibility problem between these two software programs.




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