I have to create many iterations of parts that are similar.  Rather than drawing them all each time can I define a data form (approx 30 data points) that will produce the drawing for me?  How is this done? (assuming it can be done)  Thanks, Tim.

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There's not much meat on those description bones, but based on what's there, consider having a look at Grasshopper.

Grasshopper - http://www.grasshopper3d.com/

Thanks for the reply John.  I need to make parts that are all similar in many ways but all are unique.  They are so similar that I thought it may be quicker to have the individual variations limited to a small number of variables that then could describe each piece.  To do this I wondered if there was a method to pull data from a list to define the part.

For example fasteners have a number of similar characteristics but an ACQ Phillips #2 2.5" wood deck screw is different from a pan head slot UNF #6-32 1.5".

So if I can pump in the details that are different can rhino (or a plug-in) pull the data to create the part for review.  Fastners are just a readily understood example, they are not my concern.

I'll look at grasshopper, Thanks.




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