Since V5 adding a control point deforms the curve.


Since V5 adding a control point deforms the curve, at V4 i could had just add the point  at a location of my desire on a curve without any deformation,

Now the only way i know is to rebuild the whole curve to get some more control at a specific location on a curve..

Anyone ?


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Hi Gilad- InsertControlPoint will modify the shape of the curve or surface in all but special cases. It is the equivalent of running the Curve command in the correct degree and placing points at all of the existing points plus the one added. InsertKnot will allow adding complexity without modifying the shape.


Tnx Pascal,

Will do that,

In V4 i used to add control points with InsertControlPoint.


If it wasn't changing the shape of the curve, then you weren't using InsertControlPoint. That was a new thing in V4, the 'standard' way of adding control points to a curve or surface has always been with InsertKnot, which doesn't place the control points exactly where you pick but doesn't change the shape of the curve.



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